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Thumble Dots Fun4theBrain Counting Game

Thumble Dots!

Meet the Thumbles! These cute creatures will be in the next couple of preschool games. They have big round bellies that love to be tickled! Earn your stars while you count the dots on the Thumble's bellies!

Skills: Counting 1 - 10, recognizing patterns

Thumble Dots is now available on iPhone and Android phones!

Math games Murb Phonz Photo Palace

Underwater Match Up!

Help Gavin organize the underwater animals by finding which items are the same and which ones are different!

Skills: Categorizing, Classification, Reasoning

Math games Murb Phonz Photo Palace

Big Sea Count!

Help Cora and Gavin count their underwater friends! You can meet crabs, whales, fish, dolphins and even some jellyfish! Have fun while practicing your counting!

Skills: Counting 1 - 10

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