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OK,... so, apparently no one liked my Patreon campaign... not a single person, well, other than my family (thanks mom!). But, Fun4theBrain still needs your help.

I am happy to offer all of the games on for free and have no plans to EVER charge for them. However, with all of the latest changes in technology, both in the homes, and in the classrooms, it has become mandatory that Fun4theBrain change the games over to new programming languages so it can continue to reach as many students as possible.

I would love to be able to give all of my time to just working on Fun4theBrain so that I could create more games each month for the kids to play, both on their computers and their tablets. But, that is just no longer financially viable. So I am coming to you for help. Any donation is welcome. If 1 out of every 30 visitors to the site gave just $1, I would have enough to make some big changes and get the site to your tablets and mobile devices.

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New Business on 3rd Avenue, Murb!

Fun4theBrain Murb Hospital math game

The Murb Hospital is now taking new patients! Not feeling well, or just need a check-up, take the bus to 101 Third Avenue to visit the helpful doctors and nurses! Dr. Dylan, Nurse Prixie, and Nurse Nelly are excited to see you. Practice your math facts as you help as the newest hospital volunteer!


Murb Is Ready!!

The time is finally here! MURB has gotten its makeover and is ready for you to test it out! Come on over and make your own monster to walk around the town. There are slightly different controls, so be sure to read the instructions before you start playing. Have fun!

2014 Fun4theBrain Murb Makeover

Second Avenue Now Open!

Zombie Prom - math game - Fun4thebrain

Monster Car Wash

Tessie the two-headed teacher is helping Murb's library by having a fundraiser at the school. Come help Fuzby, Ferris, Arabella, and Flibber Jibber as they wash cars to help raise money for the Murb Library. Take a peak in the cars to see if you can catch a glimpse of some other monsters helping with the MONSTER CAR WASH!

A New Place to Visit in Murb!

Edison's Flashlight Tag Murb Game - Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division

Edison's Flashlight Tag!

Edison is having a party! Sleepy fell asleep on the couch, so it is time to play outside. Help Edison find his friends in Flashlight Tag! Edison lives on First Avenue, so just take the bus there to find his house!

Check out the Community Helper Winners!

The new community helpers are now ready for Murb. Come check them out in their new Murbish designs!

Come check out the other winners in our Murb Community Helper Contest!


Fun & Furry Barber Shop - Now Open!

Come check out the crazy new hairstyles coming to Murb when the new store, Fun & Furry, opens! Answer you math problems correctly to get the biggest selection of awesome styles!

Click the picture to be taken to Murb! Once in Murb, you will be able to go to Chubz Diner, Phonz's Photo Palace, Monster Dentisry, Monster Nursery School, or Fun & Furry!

View all the Murb creations here!

How to Draw Murb Monsters

Swirlee - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Diamondhead!

This week's monster is Diamondhead! Diamondhead loves diamonds. He is small, but strong and helps people a lot. His favorite colors are blue and red. He is the richest man in Murb and is always willing to help people out. Thanks to Ty P. from New Jersey for this cool monster!

Swirlee - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Jelly Bean!

This week, our monster drawing lesson brings us a fun, athletic, candy-eating monster named Jelly Bean! Jelly Bean loves candy and playing football. Want to know a secret? Her mom just got her candy corn shoes and cotton candy. She always has candy for people in Murb. Thanks, Cassidy R. of Texas!

Swirlee - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Glorious Gracie!

This lesson is a long one, but it is worth it to draw this happy, helpful monster! Glorious Gracie is a stylish monster. She loves to wear fancy clothing and shiny earrings. Glorious Gracie also has a crown that glows in the dark. It is fantastic because it helps her memorize her spelling words and math facts. Glorious Gracie is always happy. You will love her because her happiness is contagious! Thanks to Georgia B. from California for this stylish, happy monster!

Swirlee - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Swirlee!

This week's monster drawing lesson is all about Swirlee! Swirlee likes to help monsters in the town of Murb. He is 8 years old. He is a plumber! He cleans out the drains and cleans out the sewers to help keep Murb clean! Thanks Alex K. from Virginia for the fun monster who will be seen very soon around Murb!

Zuzu - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Zuzu!

Let me introduce you to a wonderful monster named Zuzu. Zuzu loves to play. He lives in the forest under the bed. He really wants to be in Murb because he would be nice, gentle, and fair. His vision is black and red and his favorite colors are blue and red. Thanks, Makalyn F. from Texas for this great addition to Murb!

Cleaner - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Cleaner!

This week's monster is Cleaner! Cleaner likes to clean everything in your house that is dirty. He's a sponge, so he likes to clean a lot. He is very cool, because he has no ears at all. He has to work and he gives all the monsters ice cream. Thanks, Alyssa M. from Virginia for this fun and helpful monster!

Confetti - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Confetti!

Confetti loves birthday parties. He always brings the best gifts! He is most famous for lighting all the candles on the cake with his fiery breath. He wears the best party hats too! He sounds like a great monster to have around! Thanks, Francesca B. from California for this fun monster!

Skerey - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Skerey!

This week's drawing lesson is Skerey, not scary though! Skerey can fly up. When Skerey flies up the monsters can see high. She can see everything in Murb. She is not mean. Skerey can give other monsters a ride because she is nice. Thanks, Lauren S. from Virginia, for this great monster!

Sleeper - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Sleeper!

This week's monster comes to us all the way from Galway, Ireland! Here comes Sleeper! Sleeper is very shy and likes to sleep under the bed. He has baggy eyes because he is very sleepy. He has a torch (flashlight) and he sneaks around at night with this torch. Thanks, Paddy C. for this great monster!

Jon - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Jon!

Jon is a fabulous monster sent in by Dillon C. Jon is very scared. He likes to fly, but he is scared of heights. He has wings, but he keeps a parachute on his back, just in case. He has nine eyes and likes to eat apples.

Thanks Dillon C.

Arabella - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Arabella!

Arabella is an 18 inch monster. She is funny, creative, and everybody wants to be her friend. Her hobbies are cooking, swimming, and cuddling her stuffed bear. She is a very fast swimmer with all her arms and legs. Thanks Adrienne D, from Ontario, for this awesome monster!

Strawberry Monster - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw The Strawberry Monster!

The Strawberry Monster is a chatterbox. She loves heights and has a blue car. She has three tails too. She also has a cute bellybutton! Jenna W. from West Virginia sent in this fun talkative monster! You will be seeing The Strawberry Monster coming soon in Murb! Thanks Jenna!

Wiggles - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Wiggles!

Wiggles is a wiggly monster. He works for the fire department. If someone is stuck up high or falls off of a building, he can just move his arms. When he wiggles his arms they grow and grow and grow!

I am sure Wiggles will be a great help around the town of Murb! Thanks Matthew P. (New Jersey)!

Fuzzy - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Fuzzy!

Fuzzy likes to eat small things and is very nice. It likes to chew. It would be a good resident for Murb because it loves people and is very unique.

Ryleigh C. gets the thanks for the this wonderful monster! I can't wait to see more Fuzzies running around town!

Sasha - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Sasha!

Sasha is a very helpful monster! Sasha likes to get food from the monster store. She shares the food with the monster families.

Thanks go toElla M. from Accra, Ghana for this kind and helpful monster!

Bubbles - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Bubbles!

Bubbles is a very entertaining monster. He loves to chew bubble gum and blow bubbles. He blows bubbles all morning, afternoon, and night. Bubbles also collects yo-yos. Bubbles is an incredible monster!

Thanks go to Ambria B. from California for this cute and multi-talented monster!

Squish - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Squish!

Squish is a funny looking monster because he is really big and squishy. He has a lot of friends all over the town of Murb.

Thanks to Eayahna R. from Texas for this awesome, silly monster!

Ferris - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Ferris!

Ferris is a goofy monster. She loves to go to carnivals so she can eat cotton candy and ice cream. She also likes winning goldfish! Her favorite ride is the ferris wheel. All the other monsters love her because she acts so silly. Ferris always says, 'Hey you goofballs, let's go ride the ferris wheel.' When you meet Ferris, you will love her too! Thanks to Ashley M. from California for this fun-loving monster!

Lily - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Lily the Light Monster!

This great monster came all the way from Galway, Ireland from Honor C. Lily the Light Monster likes lollipops and lemons. Her favorite color is yellow. She also likes dark places to shine her lights! She also likes to swim! Thanks Honor!

Joady - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Joady!

It is time for our next monster drawing lesson, and this week's monster is JOADY! Joady is 13 years old and loves to play outside. Her favorite color is orange. Her last name is Overup. Her favorite number is 3.

Thanks to Brooklyn S. of Utah for this cute little gal!

Teith - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Teith!

It is time to draw TEITH! Teith has a lot of teeth and he has a big eyeball and he has curves and a lot of spots all over him. With his teeth he can open cans for Chubz in the kitchen.

Teith is a lot of fun to draw and color! Thanks to Makenzie from Virginia for this awesome monster!

Zaga - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Zaga!

Are you ready to draw ZAGA? Zaga has zig zags all over him. Instead of walking, Zaga zig zags all over the place. Zaga likes to play with toys that only zigzag around. Zaga only eats zigzaggy french fries and zigzaggy chips. Zaga is a friendly monster.

A special thanks to Megan M. from Accra, Ghana for sending in this awesome monster! He is tied with Sasha for coming the farthest distance!

Flibber Jibber - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Flibber Jibber!

This week's monster drawing lesson is FLIBBER JIBBER! The Flibber Jibber is really a pencil with arms and legs. He is very helpful to children in school who need to do their work. In this picture, the Flibber Jibber looks mad. Though he is rarely in a bad mood, he hates having his picture taken. He wants to be a pen when he grows up! Thanks Katie W. of West Virginia for this great monster!

Edison - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Edison!

If you played last week's new game, Phonz's Photo Palace, then you got to meet EDISON. Now you can draw him! Edison is good for Murb because he helps children who are scared of the dark. He also has a part time job as the flash at the photography studio! Thanks Jonathan S. from New York for creating this bright monster!

Lollipop - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Lollipop!

This week's monster drawing lesson is LOLLIPOP! Lollipop loves to eat lollipops and eats one each day. Lollipop owns the town candy store in Murb. She likes to read and go on walks when she is not working at the store. Her best friend is Pickles! Have fun drawing this swirly fun monster! Thanks Kayla C. from Arizona for this fabulous monster!

Fifi - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Fifi!

Fifi is a bunny dragon. She has fire for her hair on her head and tail. Her favorite foods are buffalo wings and carrots. Her bear's name is Keke. Thanks to Heather Kay D. from Texas for this great monster!

Saly - Fun4thebrain Murb monster

How to Draw Saly!

This week's monster is adorable Saly. Saly is happy all the time. Her favorite color is pink. She likes ham. She is smart. She likes to play tennis and she is 7 and a half years old, and gorgeous. A special thanks to Charlotte G. from Utah for creating Saly! Have fun!

Pickles Drawing

How to Draw Cookies!

Have fun with this happy, hungry monster! Cookies is a playful monster. She likes to ride on her scooter all afternoon. She has a pet frog named Hoppy. Cookie plays with Hoppy and her friends every day. Most of all, Cookies likes to eat cookies. She is a nice and super monster. Special thanks to Ryan A. of California for this fun monster!

Pickles Drawing

How to Draw Pickles!

This is a fun drawing lesson! Pickles loves to garden! She grows all sorts of vegetables and especially cucumbers to make her pickles with. Pickles is often caught with a smile on her face and giggles. Her best friend is Lollipop. Shae C. of Arizona sent us a great monster!

Tiptoe Drawing

How to Draw Tiptoe!

This drawing lesson will be long, but not too hard. This monster is Tiptoe. She likes to walk on her tiptoes with shoes up. She likes to walk and walk all around MURB. She can walk babies because she is quiet! A special thanks to Charissa P. of New Jersey for such a cute and helpful monster!

Quil Drawing

How to Draw Quil!

This drawing lesson will also be a bit challenging, but I am sure you can do it! Quil is a quilt. He lies under and on the bed. He has many colors. He becomes a monster when the lights go out. Kids think he is a blanket, but when they pull him up, they scream. He is a great tickler! A special thanks to Daryn G. of Texas for such a creative monster!

Zany Drawing

How to Draw Zany!

Zany is very sweet and loves gummymallows (Murb marshmallows). Her best friends are Zizi and Zuna. She is part slug and part rabbit. She gets along well with everyone and everyone likes to hang out at her house. A special thanks to Makala P. from Texas for this creative monster!

Muddy Drawing

How to Draw Muddy!

Muddy is a little marsh monster. He loves the marsh where he catches small fish, frogs, slugs, and snails. Because of his muddy complexion, he blends right in and makes a great hunter! He loves roller coasters and swimming. His favorite food is deviled eggs. Thanks Leah B. of North Carolina for this fun monster for the Murb marsh!

Bluecran Drawing

How to Draw Bluecran!

Bluecran likes to eat blueberries and cranberries. Bluecran helps boys and girls with their homework. He likes to help in the kitchen with Chubz. He is very nice. Thanks Becca P. of New Jersey for this fabulous monster!

Roger Drawing

How to Draw Roger!

Roger has lots of hair. Roger likes to roll like a ball, really fast! But he walks very slowly. Thanks Ryan C. of Texas for this fun monster!

Fuzby Drawing

How to Draw Fuzby!

Fuzby is funny because he can make tricks with his hair. He can carry MUB people if they don't have something to ride in. His hair is cozy. Thanks Nathaniel M. of Virgina for this great monster!

Zoink Drawing

How to Draw Zoink!

Zoink is shy, fuzzy, and nice. She is a great leader, good at hiding, and doesn't get discouraged easily. She has small three pointed wings and a great personality. Thanks Corryn S of Texas for this great monster!

Chubz Drawing

How to Draw Chubz!

Chubz is the town's most famous chef. In upcoming games, you will help him make some wonderful masterpieces in the kitchen. He is a quiet fellow who does not talk much. His best friend is Zizi... she does all the talking for both of them typically.

Zizi Drawing

How to Draw Zizi!

Zizi is a very active, very happy, very talkative monster whose goal in life is to record laugh tracks for tv shows. Because of this, she is constantly trying out new laughs around town.

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