Multiplication Excitement!

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The following games will help you master your multiplication facts 1 - 12.

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Beach Rush

Practice your multiplication facts with this exciting platform game. You have to get your Mr. Math all the way through the crab infested beach. But, in order to go to the next level, you also have to know your facts!

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Fairy Fun

Some beautiful fairies have come to help your learn multiplication facts. As you get your math problems correct, more and more fairies will appear. Then, when you have answered enough correct math questions, you can build your own fairy kingdom!

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Knights of Math

Travel back in time to learn your math multiplication facts. Knights, dragons, sheep and wizards are all there to help you review. Do enough math problems and earn your own kingdom!

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Flight of the Knight

It is time for the Knight to take control of the castle, but he needs your math skills to do it. Review you math facts while flinging your knight over the castle wall. The faster you go, the better the flight!

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Knight and Princess Adventures

The Princess is waiting for the knight to rescue her. Practice your multiplication facts while you fling the knight over the wall to his princess. Choose which knight you want to send over the wall!

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Color Creations

Practice your multiplication facts and earn your colors! Once your paints are ready, you can paint some fun and silly pictures.

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Multiplication Tutorials

Tutorials for individual styles of learning

Coming soon to this area will be tutorials that will teach the facts, not just review them. Different styles of learning will be taken into account when the tutorials are created. If you would like to be notified when tutorials become available, click here. If you have ideas for tutorials you would like to see, click here.