Multiplication Excitement!

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The following games will help you master your multiplication facts 1 - 12.

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Multiplication Snowball Fight!

Review your multiplication facts, but watch out if you are wrong! Too many wrong and you will get a cold. Keep healthy and earn a different title everytime you play!

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Patty's Paints

Get your problems correct and help Patty paint some fabulously odd cars! Keep your creativity going while reviewing your multiplication facts.

Super Stars - AdditionSuper Stars - Addition

Super Stars

Have fun with a platform game after doing your math problems. Get enough problems correct to earn more lives!

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Classroom Capers

Play this exciting multiplication game and you will become the teacher and be able to create your own fun on the chalkboard.

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Dino Disco

Multiplication Disco can't be beat! Each 8 problems that you get correct you can teach Dino a new dance move. At the end, create your own dance sequence celebrating multiplication.

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Fantastic Fish Shop

Practice your multiplication facts while working in a Fantastic Fish Shop. Help the kids find the right pet by getting your questions correct. Multiplication has never been so fishy!

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Car Wash Frenzy

Do you like to race? Well you first have to do your work. Wash the funky funny cars while reviewing your multiplication facts, and then charge around the course and have tons of fun!

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Cone Crazy

Penguins love their ice cream! Review your multiplication facts while serving and scooping delicious ice cream to the penguins. Don't get their order wrong because they might irritated and leave your store.

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Multiplication Tutorials

Tutorials for individual styles of learning

Coming soon to this area will be tutorials that will teach the facts, not just review them. Different styles of learning will be taken into account when the tutorials are created. If you would like to be notified when tutorials become available, click here. If you have ideas for tutorials you would like to see, click here.