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Fun4TheBrain Chatter (my blog)

I have started working on a blog. All games updates will be posted there as well as through email. So, if you want to give me some more ideas for games or get more information as to how I make my games, check out the Fun4theBrain Chatter blog.

Fun4TheBrain Store

At the Fun4theBrain store you can order fun merchandise with some of the Fun4theBrain characters on them! let me know if you want a certain character on any of the items, and I will make it available for you!

Top Sites In Education

Other Links of Interest

All Subjects:

Johnnie's Math Page - awesome grouping of math games, both elementary and higher levels! Many links to awesome lessons!!

Maryville University Problem Solving - nie batch of activities that will help everyone with their problem solving skills (Thanks Lindsay).

TV Schoolhouse - A free and fun way to support your K-12 classroom or homeschool curriculum using time-proven Educational Films, Newsreels, TV Shows, PSAs, and Movies from the past.

Sheppard Software - Educational games and activities for kids of all ages.


Have Fun with History - American History Teachers, homeschoolers, and history buffs now have an online resource full of American History streaming videos, activities, links and resources - because history is fun!

Money Math:

Math & Money for Kids - Site hosted by that contains lesson plans, games, and worksheets to help teach kids about money. Thanks to the kids and Mrs. McClaine at Creative Girls Adventure Book Club for finding this wonderful resource.

How to Count Money & Make Change Quickly - A great resource for places to learn how to handle your money and make change easily. Thanks Vanessa (Charlotte, TN)

General Math:

Helping with Math

Math in Movies

Your Own Teacher

Addition links:

Wiz IQ tutorials

Subtraction links:

Play Kids Games

Multiplication links:

Division links:

Math is Fun Division

Language Arts links:

Kids Write Out - great writing contests for kids!

Tutoring For Tots

A Daily Dose of Writing

Your Own Teacher

Science links:

Engaging Science Games

Your Own Teacher

Other links:

Childminding Help - great forum with lots of ideas for having fun with kids!

Free homeschool resources