English Excitement!

Learn and review English grammar and early reading skills with these games.

Panda Mayhem parts of speech graphicPanda Mayhem parts of speech graphic

Panda Mayhem

This fun English game has some silly pandas to help teach the parts of speech. Get enough of the questions correct, and you can make your own silly sentence.


Sharlayne Overton, author of A Daily Dose of Writing, came up with the concept for this game. To get exercises to help with writing, check out her fun book!

Reading is Magical Games

Popcorn Words graphicPopcorn Words graphic

Base Word Baseball

Strike 1! Help the Chimpunks win their Championship Baseball gameby helping them read base words with suffix endings. They need your help with the endings -ing, -ed, -ful, -est, -ness and -ly.

Popcorn Words graphicPopcorn Words graphic

Popcorn Words

Pop! Pop! Pop! Memorize dozens of the most common sight words. Serve the monkeys and try to get promoted to Manager of the Movie Theater.

Syllable Slit PictureSyllable Split Picture

Syllable Split

Help Syllable Sammy decode two syllable words. He will split the words in half for you, if you help him build a new log cabin.

Syllable Slit PictureSyllable Slit Picture

Magic "e" Adventures

Help the Prince Frog get back to his princess by using the Magic "e" wand. See the changes that take place when adding the magic "e" to the end of the words.

Syllable Slit PictureSyllable Slit Picture

My Reading Tools

See if you can find the treasure by using the tools that you have learned to read. Practice your sight words, breaking words down, and check to see what makes sense. You can do it!


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The hard copies of the above five games were created by Sheri Sather. Her mission is to teach children to read through a fun stress-free approach. She believes reading is the key to success. Sheri Sather is the owner of Tutoring for Tots and creator of the Reading is Magical game set for beginning readers.

Want a hard copy of her games? Visit Tutoring for Tots.