Delightful Division!

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The following games will help you master your division facts.

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Beach Rush

Practice your division facts with this exciting platform game. You have to get your Mr. Math all the way through the crab infested beach. But, in order to go to the next level, you also have to know your facts!

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Classroom Capers

Play this exciting division game and you will become the teacher and be able to create your own fun on the chalkboard.

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Dino Disco

Addition Disco can't be beat! Each 8 problems that you get correct you can teach Dino a new dance move. At the end, create your own dance sequence celebrating division.

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Fantastic Fish Shop

Practice your division facts while working in a Fantastic Fish Shop. Help the kids find the right pet by getting your questions correct. Division has never been so fishy!

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Cone Crazy

Penguins love their ice cream! Review your division facts while serving and scooping delicious ice cream to the penguins. Don't get their order wrong because they might irritated and leave your store.

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Knight and Princess Adventures

The Princess is waiting for the knight to rescue her. Practice your division facts while you fling the knight over the wall to his princess. Choose which knight you want to send over the wall!

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Color Creations

Practice your division facts and earn your colors! Once your paints are ready, you can paint some fun and silly pictures.

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Math Tutorials

Tutorials for individual styles of learning

Here are some tutorials that I have designed for other sites. These are not held here on Fun4TheBrain, so the links below will take you to a different site. If you have ideas for additional tutorials that I could make, please contact me through the Contact Page and let me know your ideas! Can't wait to here from you!

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Place Value Made Easy

Get a visual understanding of Place Value and then practice with some problems made to review just how Place Value works. Follow up this tutorial with the Scooter Quest game!

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Scooter Quest

After you have mastered the concept of Place Value in the above tutorial, play Scooter Quest and help Jimmy make enough money to buy his scooter by delivering papers to the correct houses. Have fun with place value!

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Fractions Made Easy

Are you having troubles understanding the terms, meanings, and workings of fractions? Well, this tutorial is here to help visually teach you the fun of fractions. Practice what you have learned by making delicious pizzas!