Community Helper Winners!!

Check out the list of winners below. Pictures are here!

Every town has many community helpers to help it run smoothly. The growing town of Murb has found that they need to have some community helpers too. Thanks for the many exciting and helpful monsters that were turned in.

Check out the winners pictures here!

Here is your list of winners from this contest:

Grand Prize Winner - Tory Tools by Ashlyn Z.

The Grand Prize winner will have a game created with their monster as the main character. They will also be able to choose from the Murbies Zizi, Chubz, or Zoink to receive a free Murbie! Congratulations Ashlyn!


First Runner Up: Tessie the Two Headed Teacher by Danielle B.

The First Runner Up will have a game created with their

monster as the main character. Congratulations Danielle!






Group Winners - The following monsters will be featured in games together:

  • Owen the Optometrist and Oscar the OptoMubtrist (Thanks Chloe, Johnny, and Alexander)
  • Nurse Nelly, Dr. Dylan, and Nurse Prixie (Thanks Isabella B, Monique B., and Katie M.)
  • Rita the Recycler, Miti, and Clover (Thanks Marie M., Gaby R., and Jolie D.)


Honorable Mentions

These monsters may not be featured in a game, but I am sure you will be seeing them around town!

  • Libby the Librarian by Amba Z.
  • Maddie the Mail Lady by Grace M.
  • Edgar the Street Cleaner by Ruth F.
  • Shocky by Blossom BF.
  • Felicia by Catherine G.


Thanks again for all of the wonderful entries received during this contest! Murb is going to be a great city with all the new community helps. The pictures and stories for these winning monsters will be coming soon!

Don't be disheartened if you did not win! There were many entries and only a few could win. Keep coming back, we will be having another contest soon!